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Rosick—Speculative Fiction Bibliography


Deep Roots”—Thurston Howl Publications, February, 2022.


Life Tides

—The Horror Zine, Spring 2022

Short Story Sales

"Cold Air" — Ball Magazine, Side 'O' Fries Press, #1, Spring/Summer 1993.

"Pop-Pops" — Rictus Magazine, #5, Spring 1995.

"Emerald City" — Mystic Fiction, vol. 3, #2, Spring 1995.

"A Letter to Roger" — Pulphouse: A Fiction Magazine, #19, Summer 1995.

"Head Games" — Little Green Men, #3, Winter 1996.

"Death Comes to Mr. Jones" — Phantasmagoria, #4, Fall 1997.

"Whispers in the Morning Dark" — The Twilight Garden, Darkside Press, #1, Summer 1998.

“Deep Roots” — The Orphic Chronicle, March, 2000.

“Behind the Eight Ball” — The Fiction Writer, April, 2000.

“He May Fly” —, November, 2000.

“Dead Air” – Bloodtype: A Hardcore Horror Anthology; Lonewolf Publications; May, 2001. (Received honorable mention in the 15th annual Year's Best Fantasy  Horror, edited by Ellen Datlow, September, 2002.)

“Cold Air” –The Macabre Underground Anthology: Volume II. January 2007.

“Crazie Dayz”—Tales of the Zombie War, October, 2007.

“The Hollers”—Down in the Cellar, #7, Spring, 2008.

“The Covenant of the ARC”—Marginal Boundaries #1, March 2010.

“Behind the Eight Ball”—Alternative Hilarities 5; Strange Musings Press, October 2015.

“Rerun”—Winter Shivers Anthology; Inkstained Succubus Press, November, 2015.

“A Letter to Michael”—Creepy Campfire Quarterly # 1, January 2016.

“Cry the Banshee”—DOA III: A Horror Anthology. Blood Bound Books Publishing, 2017.

“The Hollers”—Trigger Warning Anthology. Madness Hearts Press, March 2019.

“Alone in the Woods in the Deep Dark Night”—The Half That You See: Nightmares, Deliriums, and Illusions Anthology. AM Ink Publishing December, 2019

“Cold Air”—Black Veins Anthology. The Great Void Publishing, December, 2019

“Do No Harm”—Sick Cruising Anthology. NPH Publishing, October, 2020

“Whispers in the Morning Dark”—Beyond the Veil Volume 1 The Great Void Publishing, October 2020

“DJ vs. the Corona Dogman”—Monstrous Tales Volume 2, Gravestone Press,  August 2021

"Death Calls on Mr. Smith"—The Horror Zine, March 2022

"Behind the Eight Ball"—The Devil You Know Better,  Critical Blast Press, March, 2022

"All Hail The Melon Heads"—Monstrous Tales, Volume 3, Gravestone Press, September 2022

"Sacred Blood of the Sacred Night"—Carnage House, September 2023

"Mr. Frosty"—Schlock! Webzine, October 2023

"Her Freaky Skin"—Carnage House, March, 2024